Licensure Impact in Georgia

February 24, 2018

Georgia Lactation Consultant Practice Act ALREADY improving access to care!

The Georgia Lactation Consultant Practice Act will go into effect on July 1, 2018, but we are already seeing INCREASED ACCESS TO LACTATION CARE in Georgia.  We are thrilled to report that CareSource, a Medicaid CMO, has recently begun credentialing IBCLCs in Georgia! Importantly, our first CareSource Medicaid recipient in Georgia has accessed post discharge clinical care from a licensed lactation consultant just last week.   With passage of the Act, Georgia is on the forefront of ensuring ALL mothers, not just privately insured mothers, receive care.

We are delighted to also announce that the Act has already  improved ACCESS TO LACTATION CAREERS.  In response to the anticipated increased need for providers with licensure, Georgia Northwestern Technical College has started a Pathway II IBCLC program (an approximately 2 year program which includes all required course work and clinical hours to become an IBCLC)

This brand new program allows those interested in a career as a licensed lactation consultant to access scholarships, such as this one from the MAG Alliance

Finally, SELCA has a program to connect Pathway III candidates for IBCLC with mentors- contact us if you are interested!

Increased access to care for ALL Georgia moms is already a reality as a result of the Act…. and we are just beginning.