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October 12, 2016

Upcoming 2017 Conferences

ImprovingBirth Chattanooga: Birth and Breastfeeding conference on May 20th in Chattanooga, TN- Register Here


ILCA 2017 Conference “Knowledge, Diversity, Equity: Global Access to Skilled Lactation Care” 19 – 22 July in Toronto, Canada. #ILCA2017

Register at:

Save the Date! Second Annual SELCA Conference in Atlanta on November 4th-


Georgia Breastfeeding Resources

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Georgia Breastfeeding Coalition

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Ongoing Resources

While preparing for the IBCLC exam several years ago, Pamela K. Murphy, Ph. D, CNM, IBCLC identified the strong need for an online resource that provides a compilation of continuing education in the field of lactation. Here is the website created in response to that need.




Health-e-learning Lactation Education Online is a great place to start for online education.

Lactation Education Resources Online Education also offers E- CERPS.

Bright Futures Lactation Resource Center offers in-person classes and exam review sessions.

Lactation Education Consultants  offers in-person classes, home study and exam review resources, as well as in-services for clinical staff. Check out one option here.

Marie Biancuzzo’s website, Breastfeeding Outlook, offers in-person and online lactation education and exam review.



International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE)

US Lactation Consultant Association(USLCA)

US Breastfeeding Committee

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