Farewell, Black Breastfeeding Week! Goodbye, World Breastfeeding Month- Parting Gift Inside!

As we wrap up World Breastfeeding Month with the conclusion Black Breastfeeding Week, I hope everyone remembers that the challenges continue . . . The reasons we need Black Breastfeeding Week, highlighted in this great listicle, don’t disappear as we prepare for Labor Day cookouts, and gear up for fall (with all things pumpkin spice).  SELCA commits to[…]

Celebrating Black Breastfeeding Week . . .The Difference SELCA Strives to Make

SELCA challenged ourselves this week to become more aware of what we can do to support Black Breastfeeding Week, working with this great listicle .  Now, time for #6! “The week of August 25th to August 31st is more than just highlighting the inequities and disparities that exist in lactation support and care, it’s about uplifting black communities that lack the education,[…]

Day 5 . . . Tough Talk as SELCA #BetsonBlack

Hopefully, you have followed our posts this week, and seen that SELCA is working through the ideas on this great listicle daily, as a way of supporting Black Breastfeeding Week . . . It’s time for #5! #5) Utilize promotional and marketing materials that are reflective of the community. Engage and co-create with members of the community to[…]

Day 4! SELCA Celebrates Black Breastfeeding Week and #BetsonBlack!

By now, you get it-  SELCA is addressing each point in this great listicle as a way of supporting Black Breastfeeding Week . . . so let’s move on to #4! #4) Collaboration, Collaboration, Collaboration! Partnership is essential to the survival and sustainability of any successful initiative, program, or organization- large or small. Collaboration is inevitable especially when it comes to[…]

Day 3 of Black Breastfeeding Week; Exciting news as SELCA #BetsonBlack!

At the beginning of the week, SELCA announced plans to celebrate and support Black Breastfeeding Week, and the black breastfeeding community, by addressing each point in this great listicle.   By now, we hope you have read it, so check out the interesting vignettes and powerful interviews found at Chocolate Milk:The Documentary Series. We are so excited about[…]

SELCA Continues to #BetonBlack; Day 2 of Black Breastfeeding Week

As we said yesterday, this week SELCA plans to #betonblack in celebration of Black Breastfeeding Week by focusing on specific ways to celebrate and support the black breastfeeding community (we turned to this great listicle to learn how– check it out, if you didn’t yesterday). So, continuing with #2- #2) Support community-based organizations and organizations of color. Many community-based organizations, and organizations[…]

SELCA Bets on Black: Celebrating Black Breastfeeding Week, August 25-31

This week SELCA plans to #betonblack in celebration of Black Breastfeeding Week! Join us in celebration and support.  We turned to leaders in the black community, and found a great listicle to learn how. So, let’s start the week with #1- #1) Support emerging leaders of color in building equity-based initiatives. Support their initiatives by volunteering your services[…]