What We Are Working On

August 17, 2017

In valuing equity, SELCA is committing resources to advancing access to the profession of IBCLC. Membership and educational scholarships are being developed, available to people of color and those who are part of an underserved population. Student discounts are also available.  As a benefit of membership, SELCA has created a library of resources to support studying for the IBCLC exam, and is creating a mentor list to improve access to pathway 3 to become an IBCLC.  We are working to expand scholarships and partnerships in 2018.

Want to become an IBCLC? Sign up to be paired with a mentor here.  Want to mentor aspiring IBCLCs through pathway three mentorship? Sign up here.

Board members are taking advantage of education and training in diversity and equity training to share with membership, and commit to ongoing efforts in the field of equity work.  We are partnering with leaders in the field, and organizations who champion underserved communities to support their important work.

Other efforts include the development of a membership directory to enhance networking, and expanding the locations of SELCA meetings to reach a wider population.

What do you want us to work on? Let us know at contact@selca.info!