September 16, 2017

Nomination forms for  the annual Friend of SELCA award, for upcoming board openings or committee chairs or memberships will be found here as applicable.  See the Nomination Form for specific requirements.  SELF NOMINATIONS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!

The Friend of SELCA award goes to a SELCA member OR a member of the community who is working to advance the International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) credential within Georgia and the Southeast through leadership, advocacy, and scholarship.

SELCA members may submit nominations for fellow members, community advocates, or may self-nominate. IBCLC certification is NOT required.

Criteria for the Friend of SELCA award:  

Someone who demonstrates achievement in any or all of the following areas:

 Leadership: A person who has established herself as a leader in the Lactation field by program development, policy change, or community impact, preferably at a grassroots/local level or state/regional level. Nominees collaborate within health care teams, write policies and procedures, consult as clinical expert, set practice standards, educate colleagues, promote membership in SELCA as our professional organization, or demonstrate professional leadership in another way.

 Advocacy: Someone who has contributed to the lactation profession by promoting the credential of IBCLC, such as working toward licensure and/or reimbursement for the IBCLC. Award winners advocate for the IBCLC with legislators and policy makers at the local, state, or federal levels. Licensure and reimbursement help ensure family access to well qualified professional IBCLC services and make the IBCLC a viable career.  Other community, state, or regional programs to increase diversity within and access to IBCLCs will be considered, as well.

Scholarship: Someone who has contributed to the lactation profession by publishing peer-review articles, presenting at professional conferences, teaching lactation-related courses at the university level, and/ or contributing to the body of knowledge through breastfeeding research. This nominee is committed to elevating the standards of professional practice and sharing evidence-based clinical practices that best meet the needs of breastfeeding families.

In creating this award, we wish to acknowledge and appreciate our friends– those who partner with the IBCLC and SELCA to significantly impact the lactation profession for good, not only IBCLCs or SELCA members.  However, should the recipient be an IBCLC and SELCA/USLCA member, winning this award will grant them SELCA‘s nomination for the prestigious national honor, USLCA’s Award of Excellence.