Celebrating Black Breastfeeding Week . . .The Difference SELCA Strives to Make

SELCA challenged ourselves this week to become more aware of what we can do to support Black Breastfeeding Week, working with this great listicle .  Now, time for #6!

“The week of August 25th to August 31st is more than just highlighting the inequities and disparities that exist in lactation support and care, it’s about uplifting black communities that lack the education, support, and socio-economic resources needed to survive and thrive. . . .

#6) Employ lactation professionals and support persons that represent and reflect the service/target community. Employing community-based lactation supporters and professionals from the invested community adds to the overall organization, and possess an intimate and trusting relationship with the members of the community.” (Stacy Davis, BA, IBCLC, ILCA.org Guest blog post)

SELCA has no employees, because we are a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organization. However, our positions, seen here, are clear.  We are committed to increasing employment opportunities in lactation, and to make the profession more accessible to lactation supporters of color, through education, networking, and resources.

 Ultimately, we want to help the at-risk communities of color access care from supporters that are part of that community, so that they can, in the words of Ms. Davis, not only survive, but thrive.

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