SELCA Continues to #BetonBlack; Day 2 of Black Breastfeeding Week

As we said yesterday, this week SELCA plans to #betonblack in celebration of Black Breastfeeding Week by focusing on specific ways to celebrate and support the black breastfeeding community (we turned to this great listicle to learn how– check it out, if you didn’t yesterday).

So, continuing with #2-

#2) Support community-based organizations and organizations of color. Many community-based organizations, and organizations of color, rely heavily on the support of private and public donors, and lack sustainable funding revenue to support their work. A small, or large, annual donation can go a long way in a community of color. (Stacy Davis, BA, IBCLC, guest blog post)

Kiana Ayers, RN, IBCLC, spotlighted in yesterday’s post, and currently treasurer of the SELCA Board of Directors, had a lot to say about the support she has gotten from ROSE (Reaching Our Sisters Everywhere).  She took part in a breastfeeding education program that ROSE offered to obtain the credits needed to become an IBCLC, and credits them, in part, for her career.  She also praised the Baby Cafe that ROSE offers, as a resource to the Atlanta community, for bridging the gap and providing care to communities of color.

Atlanta is so fortunate to have organizations like ROSE, and SELCA pledges to raise awareness of the important work they do, and support them wherever possible.  We are pleased to extend an offer of in-kind support to ROSE for our upcoming conference, and to support NAPPLSC (National Association of Professional and Peer Lactation Supporters of Color) as an organizational member, but more can be done . . . won’t you join us?


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